Bryan Singer could see Nicholas Hoult getting a role in Star Wars: Epsiode VII

This is something short, but I thought it might bring about some interesting discussion.

When Moviefone spoke with X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST director, Bryan Singer, they mentioned seeing one of the stars of the film on some short lists to play Han Solo. Now, at this point, we have prior knowledge of such a short list if it does exist, but apparently Nicholas Hoult is on said list.

The site throws this tidbit out at Singer, who replied with:

I don't know anything, but I literally would not be surprised if something like that happened. I almost said something to Nick today about it, like, "You know, I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself in one of those." But I have no idea, even though I'm working with Simon Kinberg every day and he is involved with that franchise, I have no information about that. It's just my own intuition."

Hoult is becoming one of Singer's darlings, so of course he has nothing but delightful things to say about the young actor. I like him, but as a young Han? Ermmm...not so much. I see young Harrison Ford as young Han Solo. Sorry I can't stretch my imagination on this one.

I don't have any new X-Men tidbits for you. Singer would like to direct a horror film next, but that's just an idea at this point.

Source: CBMMoviefone



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