Bryan Singer gets greenlight on Jack the Giant Killer, wants Aaron Johnson

What's Bryan Singer going to be up to after handing off X-MEN: FIRST CLASS to Matthew Vaughn? Well, apparently he's stepping outside the box for a dark re-telling of the Jack and the Beanstalk fable called JACK THE GIANT KILLER.

I guess we'll just skip the expected"what the f*cking hell?" discussion about why this is happening, because somehow the role of Jack in this film is the new must-get part for young Hollywood to go after.

Singer is reportedly quite interested in KICK-ASS and NOWHERE BOY's Aaron Johnson for the lead, who was previously rumored to be playing Cyclops in FIRST CLASS, which for reasons I don't understand, never panned out.

But the studio isn't sold yet, and reportedly many are auditioning for the part. New it-boy Andrew Garfield was at one time up for it, but now he's a bit busy as Peter Parker.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS and WOVLERINE 2 scribe Christopher McQuarrie was brought in to polish the script, so despite its odd concept, this will probably end up being a pretty noteworthy film, one way or another.

Extra Tidbit: Aaron Johnson (19) is getting married to his NOWHERE BOY director Sam Taylor-Wood (42). Yup.
Source: Deadline



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