Bryan Singer talks the future of X-Men

Can you believe the first X-MEN movie came out 10 years ago? On the one hand it seems like just the other day but stop and think about it and so much has happened since then. I mean, Hugh Jackman was completely unknown and now he's hosting the Oscars. The movie was the first of its kind as an expensive blockbuster predicated on a dedication of its fans (as popular as "X-Men" was, it's not like it was as widely known as BATMAN or SUPERMAN). Now we're so deep into superhero films they've become their own genre.

Bryan Singer and producer Lauren Shuler-Donner sat down with the LA Times to talk about the legacy of X-MEN, which is an interesting read, but the conversation quickly turned to the future. While we've known for a few months now that Singer was set for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, the two revealed that Singer could return for X-MEN 4 (a "totally different" movie than FIRST CLASS says Shuler) and possibly even WOLVERINE 2.

Says the LA Times: "Shuler Donner also has pitched Singer on doing a fourth installment of the previously established X-MEN franchise and Jackman had that lunch with Singer to coax him into a project as well, which may or may not be a WOLVERINE film, which Jackman has said will be set in Japan and released in 2011."

Now just because Shuler-Donner pitched Singer on X-MEN 4 and Jackman is trying to coax him into directing a WOLVERINE sequel does not necessarily mean either of those things will happen. FIRST CLASS is the top priority for Fox but even more worrisome than that is that Singer is contracted to direct JACK THE GIANT KILLER for Warner Bros.

When Shuler Donner brought up X-MEN 4, Singer asked her to hold off on that one for now to which she responded, "I will, I will ... I'm holding it open with high hopes. It's totally different and it will be so interesting for you."

Frankly I think Singer's a pretty talented director and while I'd love to have him direct all these X-MEN movies, I'd hate to see the dude hamstrung in the superhero genre. At least Chris Nolan gets to go out and do shit like THE PRESTIGE and INCEPTION in between Batman movies. Frankly I'd love to see what Singer could do with WOLVERINE 2 and possibly X-MEN 4. Even with his involvement, I'm just not all that involved in FIRST CLASS.

If you've got the time today, you should really read the full article at LA Times.

Extra Tidbit: FIRST CLASS, WOLVERINE 2 or X-MEN 4 - which would you rather have Singer direct?
Source: LA Times



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