Bryan Singer to bring The Twilight Zone back to television

Despite a long in development film at Warner Bros, it looks like THE TWILIGHT ZONE may be coming back to television courtesy of director Bryan Singer.

Deadline reports that Singer will develop, executive produce and possibly direct the new TWILIGHT ZONE which will likely end up at CBS. I would assume the series will follow the same anthology format as the original.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE originally ran under the brilliant Rod Serling for 5 seasons beginning in 1959. It was brought back for a brief 3 season run in the mid-80s as well as one season hosted by Forest Whitaker on UPN in 2002.

I am a huge fan of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Every year when SyFy airs their marathon of episodes on New Year's Day, I DVR them all and spend hours enjoying the classic brilliance. Almost every episode holds up today and some are scarier than anything on AMERICAN HORROR STORY. I hope that Bryan Singer employs a good team to script the new series and realize that what made THE TWILIGHT ZONE so good was not the twist ending that so many episodes had but rather the excellent writing. No one will be able to replicate Rod Serling, so maybe the show would work by mixing half original stories and the other half recreations of classic tales from The Zone.

Now, who would be a good host?

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite TWILIGHT ZONE episode?
Source: Deadline



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