Bryce writes for Dad?

For a while, Bryce Dallas Howard wanted to distance herself from her famous dad, Ron Howard, while she made her own career (in college she applied as "Bryce Dallas" and no one knew who she was). Now that she's got her own career, she's thinking she might even want to work with her old man. Universal Pictures and Imagine (her pop's production company with Brian Grazer) have picked up the rights to THE ORIGINALS, a script that Howard wrote while filming TERMINATOR SALVATION. The plot follows a group of young adults who reunite at a hospital where a beloved teacher from their youth has fallen into a coma. Right now, Ron Howard is just producing though it is noted that the project "could" be one of his next directing gigs.

Meanwhile, as everyone falls all over themselves trying to find out if Kirsten Dunst is going to return for SPIDER-MAN 4 (and who really cares?), what about Howard? Raimi loves his golden age Spidey and to have Gwen Stacy front and center might be right up his alley...

Extra Tidbit: Howard was a virgin before marrying her boyfriend of 5 years in 2006.
Source: THR



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