BTS with Kaufman

Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut, SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK, is set for release later this year. As such, Kaufman is somewhat forced to do something he doesn't do very often - press. Because Kaufman rarely does press interviews and never does photoshoots, Wired decided to take a fascinating angle with their upcoming profile. It's something of a profile of their profile; not quite ADAPTATION but certainly not a straightforward this is your director and this is what he does profile. They've documented every step along the way so far from the initial pitch of the article on May 22 up to yesterday when the author turned in the rough draft of the article to his editor. I think you'll find it a great, if not lengthy, read. You'll see the crisis that erupts when two days before the scheduled interview, Wired editors learn that Kaufman has balked at taking any photos for the magazine. "This gives me serious reservations about doing the piece," says one of the editors. There's still plenty more to come as they promise to upload different versions of the article online as well as galleys and graphics the magazine plans to use. Click here to head to Wired and read all about what goes into interviewing a director for a magazine.

Extra Tidbit: Kaufman was once a writer for the Chris Elliott sitcom "Get a Life."
Source: Wired



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