BTTF DeLorean replica

There is a VERY cool (if VERY impractical) eBay item up for auction right now: A near-perfect replica of BACK TO THE FUTURE's DeLorean time machine! Heavy!

Here are some of the deets: 1981 Delorean DMC-12 expertly modified to look exactly like the vehicle featured in the film “Back to the Future.” This incredibly accurate replica of the Delorean Time Machine was painstakingly built by Gary Weaver, owner of www.bttfparts.com, over the course of 2 years, from 2006-2008. This is the only car Gary has ever built on commission, and, other than his own personal car, is the only one he has finished to his complete satisfaction.

There is a small community of Delorean Time Machine enthusiasts who convert their stock Deloreans in to time machine replicas, and right from the beginning, Gary was one of the few striving for complete “screen accuracy.” His website served as a hub of activity for the entire hobby, and his skills and attention to detail were the envy of everyone else trying to build their own conversion. Gary is even featured in an upcoming documentary about the Delorean Time Machine. By the time this car was finished, he had spent over 6 years researching parts, refining fabrication techniques and essentially preparing to build what is truly the one of, if not the most accurate Delorean Time Machine replica vehicle currently in existence.

The current bid is at $59,000, but hey, you can "Buy it now!" for only $89,000! Head over to eBay to check out more information and pics.

Extra Tidbit: A couple of years ago, DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) announced that they were going to be bringing back the DeLorean in very limited quantities for a base price in the $60,000 range, and would include optional extras such as GPS, an enhanced "Stage 2" engine, and a kilo of blow in every glove box.
Source: eBay



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