Bullets and bugs abound on the new poster for Ant-Man

When the first poster for ANT-MAN debuted, many were quick to criticize the Photoshopped Floating Heads cliche format it employed. The poster was not very creative and didn't have the same pop that the ANT-MAN trailer did. So, how about a new poster?

The latest one sheet looks more like a teaser poster as it shows Paul Rudd's Scott Lang suited up in Hank Pym's suit. With a flurry of bullets surrounding him, Lang is riding on what appears to be a dragonfly. The poster is cool in concept but doesn't really illustrate enough to be all that exciting. I get a sneaking suspicion that Disney's marketing department isn't trying very hard with the Marvel Studios properties since they pretty much sell themselves.

I am enjoying the bright colors in these posters and images from ANT-MAN. Peyton Reed's movie looks like it will employ more of a comic book style than the recent Marvel films. While I have enjoyed the MCU to date, there has been a lot of seriousness on display broken up only by James Gunn's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. I am hoping ANT-MAN will feel more like that movie and blow audiences away.

ANT-MAN hits theaters on July 17th.

Source: ComicBook.com



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