Bullock breaks record

In an event that’s both significant and slightly depressing, Sandra Bullock’s THE BLIND SIDE has set a record as the highest grossing female-led movie ever made, as it’s just passed the $200M mark.

The definition of “female-led” is up for debate, but other such high grossing entries were MAMMA MIA! ($144M) and PRETTY WOMAN ($178M), and those two had relatively large, known supporting casts, unlike BLIND SIDE.

What does this say about the state of the film industry in general, if this kind of event is heralded as a big deal? For one, there are far less female-led movies than male-led ones, which is a huge contributing factor to the disparity, but more significantly, it would seem that males have a harder time sucking it up to head out to see SEX AND THE CITY or MAMMIA MIA! than women have to go watch TRANSFORMERS 2 or AVATAR. I’m curious to hear your own thoughts on this issue, but congrats to Ms. Bullock for a banner year.

Extra Tidbit: Due to my mom's obsession with Sandra Bullock, growing up I've seen MS. CONGENIALITY no less than eighteen times.
Source: Variety



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