Burton directs Big Fish

The bad news?  Steven Spielberg won't be directing the film BIG FISH.   The good news?  Tim Burton will.  In a surprising move, Burton shied away from another big-budget blockbuster to instead focus on a smaller, more intimate film.   Spielberg had long been attached to the feature adaptation of the Daniel Wallace novel of the same name, but decided to pursue other project leaving FISH without a director.  Burton was convinved by his APES producer Richard Zanuck and closed a deal late last week.  BIG FISH, from a script by John August (GO), tells the tale of a young man who returns home to visit his estranged father only to find he's dying of cancer.  Eager to learn more about his Dad before he passes, the man attempts to find the truth in the tall tales his father spun when he was a child.  The majority of the film will be told in flashback.  The film has gone on the fast-track at Columbia and casting will reportedly begin immediately.  I'm personally thrilled that Burton took a step back after APES and decided not to go further down that road.  This, to me, should make for a brilliant mix of director and material.


Source: Variety
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