Butler, McConaughey and Worthington going on Thunder Run

When I heard that Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler and Sam Worthington were going to play a trio of soldiers in the upcoming THUNDER RUN, I thought that might be too much sexy for one action film, but it seemed like a reasonable idea.

But what I don’t understand is what exactly THUNDER RUN is. It’s supposed to be an adaptation Mark Bowden’s book The Armored Strike to Capture Bagdad, but despite its roots in reality, the film is supposed to be some sort of CGI/live action hybrid, and I don’t mean in a Michael Bay way, inserting giant robots and explosions with real people.

See what you can make of this statement from Freedom Film’s Brian Presley to Heat Vision.

“What we capture in our cameras will be them. It’ll have a stylized effect to it but we are shooting them. We’re not ageing them down like Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy, it’ll be them for two hours in a highly intense tank battle. The scope of the movie is going to feel huge and the goal is to appeal to the Call Of Duty world. It’s not going to have a video game world feel but to have a stylized look to it.”

So, it’s going to be motion capture CGI, to appeal to the Call of Duty crowd, but it’s NOT going to have a video game world feel, just look “stylized”? That has to be the most unclear description I’ve ever heard. We’re going to need to see some footage before we understand what the hell he’s talking about.

Extra Tidbit: Why use actors when you can use creepy CGI versions of those same actors?
Source: Heat Vision



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