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I can safely say without a big "spoiler alert" tag, that a sequel to 300 would seem to be more or less out of the question. Very loosely based on the very real battle of 300 Spartans holding off an entire Persian army, the film ends with 299 dead Spartans, and one missing an eye who goes home to tell the tale.

But due to the massive success of the film, Frank Miller has been writing away, trying to create more source material for another trip to the always-thunderstorming world of 300. MTV recently sat down with Gerard Butler who said that he’d be up for another one, if it existed.

“I had an incredible time doing the first one, and I think that if the first one was a stand-alone, as a one-off, there’s no bad thing in that,” explained Gerard Butler when we caught up with him recently, saying he’d be willing to bring his character back to life—even if it meant re-animating arguably the most dead person in movie history (remember all those spears?). “But, you know, let’s see what it might bring forward with a second one.”

I’m all for another 300 film (you might guess my love for the original by my Strikes Back avatar) and there’s one of two ways I can see it going. Either A) It’s a prequel, where Leonidas and his crew fight some other historical battle in slow motion or B) The gods resurrect all the Spartans to fight some other newly invented battle that may or may not have ever taken place. I mean, who cares if it doesn’t make sense? We weren’t watching 300 to pass our History of Greece 402 midterm. Just find away to make them fight and yell again, and I promise you, we’ll come watch.

Extra Tidbit: Did you know that a proposed sequel to Gladiator was drafted, where the gods sent Maximus back down to earth? True story.
Source: MTV



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