Bye-Bye Weinsteins?

     Rob is laughin AT Harvey, not with him...

Fans who got irked at the idea of HALL0WEEN 3D for next summer will be happy, 'cause it's probably not gonna happen. At least not how Bob and Harvey Weinstein had planned. And it's nothing to do with the fact that nobody seems to want it - I thought flushing Zombie in favor of Pat Lussier was an interesting move. No folks, it's to do with that dang TWILIGHT. Or more precisely the people behind it.

It all started earlier this Tuesday when the New York Post reported that Summit Entertainment are looking to expand their stable by maybe acquiring one of the studios recently crumbling under mountains of debts; either MGM or The Weinstein Company were the intended targets. TWC did good business with BASTERDS this year but even Quentin couldn't make up for all the stupid unfortunate decisions made by Bob & Harvey these last few years.

Then a few hours later that tenacious Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood claimed from inside sources that the plug was being pulled on H3D days after the first draft had been delivered because "Bob just felt it was rushing too fast." Indeed it was; production was to start this November so that Lussier could move on to his next project in January, while having the film ready for August. But come on, that can't be JUST a coincidence, right?

Nothing's over till the fat execs sing, but we should start wondering right now; this one touches Tarantino, Sin City and a shit load of TWC projects in devleopment. On the other hand, if Summit buys MGM instead, what about The Hobbit? And (gulp) Bond? Rob Pattinson shaken, not stirred?

Extra Tidbit: Hope they won't kill the Fraggle Rock movie. I've been waiting for it since I don't know when. Who's with me on this one?



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