Bynes wants 7 Dorks

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes has signed on to play the title role in the Joe Nussbam-directed (SLEEPOVER, AMERICAN PIE 5: THE NAKED MILE) comedy SYDNEY WHITE AND THE SEVEN DORKS. As the name implies, the film is a re-imagining of the "Snow White" fairy tale set among college freshmen. In it, queen bee of the Kappa Phi Sorority, Rachel, rules over her house with an iron fist, treating sisters like slaves, her boyfriends like property and choosing pledges based on a specific set of self-serving criteria, but when the titular Sydney comes around and starts winning favor with everyone on campus, even catching the eye of Rachel's ex-boyfriend Blaine, the President of the Tri Omega Fraternity, an infurirated Rachel sets out to ruin her. Then they all live happily ever after. Except Rachel. That conniving little slut gets what's coming to her. Yay! Everybody's happy! **Sigh** Bynes can next be seen alongside John Travolta in the musical HAIRSPRAY.

Extra Tidbit: Bynes last film, SHE'S THE MAN, was a re-imagining of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".



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