Byrne joins Cage

Why isn't Rose Byrne more famous? She might as well just be a baby panda bear eating candy floss, she's so cute. Unfortunately though we haven't seen all that much of her, and when we do she's being stalked by an intergalactic burn victim, or she's a psychopath dating Matthew Lillard. Thankfully now we might get a better look at her, since she has signed on to star opposite Nicolas Cage in the sci-fi thriller KNOWING. She will be playing the daughter of a broad who buried a time capsule in 1962 bearing the dates of the assassinations of historical figures, the apocalypse, and the death of Cage's character's wife. After he alerts her she begins to remember strange incidents from her childhood. I know what you're thinking - Nic Cage: this could be anything from brilliant to you stumbling out of the theater like the dude in UNKLE's 'Rabbit in your Headlights' music video. Hopefully it will be the former though, since Alex Proyas (DARK CITY) is directing.
Extra Tidbit: It is a commonly held medical myth that Rose Byrne's tears actually cure lycanthropy.



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