Cage gets Hungry

Nic Cage is a busy little bee. He's in negotiations to star as the villain in THE GREEN HORNET, recently signed on to star in DRIVE ANGRY and now is set to star in yet another film, HUNGRY RABBIT JUMPS. The thriller would star Cage as the husband of a woman who is brutally victimized. Deadset on revenge, he joins an underground vigilante organization. Roger Donaldson, who directed the solid thriller THE BANK JOB, is set to direct for actor Tobey Maguire who is producing through his Maguire Entertainment company (he's not expected to act in the film at all).

As for how he'll fit all this into his schedule, Cage should begin filming on HORNET shortly and finish up in time to take on RABBIT in January. Once that film wraps, he can just stay in New Orleans and continue filming on DRIVE ANGRY. Assuming all things stay the same, that gives Cage at least four movies released in 2010 (KICK-ASS, HORNET, SEASON OF THE WITCH and THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE). He can be seen next in BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS which is currently hitting the festival circuit as we speak.

Extra Tidbit: Maguire Entertainment? That's the best name Tobey could come up with for his production company?
Source: THR



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