Cage is Speckles

I'd never thought I'd say this sentence out loud but Nicolas Cage has signed on to play Speckles the Mole in Jerry Bruckheimer's live-action/animated film G-FORCE. Cage will voice Speckles, one of a "group of ultra-intelligent animal commandoes" looking to stop a billionaire from taking over the world. Joining Cage in voicing the animals are Steve Buscemi (Bucky the Hamster) and Tracy Morgan (Blaster the Guinea Pig). The live action stars consist of Bill Nighy as the evil billionaire, Will Arnett as the FBI agent working with the animals and Zach Galifianakis, Kelli Garner, Gabriel Casseus and Jack Conley in unspecified roles. Of producing a movie about animal commandoes, Bruckheimer says, "It falls right into the Disney family of films -- the kind of films we make, like NATIONAL TREASURE, which entertain everybody from the smallest kid to the oldest grandparent." I'd love to be able to argue with The Bruck but considering the kinda coin he's brought in to Hollywood, who am I to judge? Go nuts with your animal commandoes, bro! FX wizard Hoyt Yeatman will make his directorial debut with the project. Disney has already slated a May 1st, 2009 release for the film.

Extra Tidbit: Yeatman won an Academy Award for his work on THE ABYSS.



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