Cameron Diaz was forced to re-record her dialogue in The Counselor

Despite middling reviews and poor box office, THE COUNSELOR is still a Ridley Scott movie with an all-star cast that should have worked. Cormac McCarthy is a master storyteller and yet there appear to have been several issues on this production. One that recently came to light is this odd one regarding Cameron Diaz.

Diaz's character Malkina was written as coming from Barbados. Now, Barbadians have a unique accent that you would recognize if you have ever hear Rihanna speak. Apparently that was what Cameron Diaz was going for with her portrayal of Malkina but the studio heads were not fans. In fact, they found her accent so distracting that Diaz was forced to dub her dialogue with a less severe accent.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Diaz was not happy about having to make this change and yet she nor Ridley Scott have made a comment about it. In the clip below, you can hear the accent if you listen hard enough, but I wonder what it would have sounded like in the original version.

Redubbing dialogue is commonplace thing to do on any movie, but I have a feeling this won't be the first odd thing to come out of THE COUNSELOR's production.



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