Camilla Belle: Virgin

Uhh so this is an odd project. Current Hollywood flavour of the week Camilla Bell has just been cast to play Mary, the queen of the virgins. The film is called MARY, MOTHER OF CHRIST and will look to capitalize on the same set that made Mel Gibson the richest religous zealot alive.

I'm unfamiliar with the details of Mary's story so some of these names are unfamiliar to me. The casting is as follows: Jonathan Rhys Meyers will play the double role of Gabriel and Lucifer, while Peter O'Toole is set as Symeon, the dude who meets Mary in the temple after she gives birth to JC. Director Alejandro Agresti is also in talks with Al Pacino and Jessica Lange for the respective roles of Herod and Anna the Prophetess. Hurm?

Anyways I'm sure this flick will appeal to a very specific demographic--i.e. not me. Although the filmmakers are promising that this won't be some cheesy Hallmark retellling of Mary's life and instead a unique look at her as a young woman, the triumph of her giving birth and her survival of Herod the Great's reign. Maybe there's hope afterall.
Extra Tidbit: mmmmm, Mary's yummy.
Source: THR



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