CAN: Ass-Tastic 08!

The CANNES FILM FESTIVAL is about movies first and foremost, but it's also about the ladies. Gals with fine derrières if I may be so bold to add. In 2006 when I last attended this fine Film Festival, in this fine country, filled with lots of fine chick asses, I took it upon myself to go hunt for tail, but not with a shotgun, with a camera my friends, National Geography style you know? Well, this year, I've done it again. Now beach ass has been rare in these parts since its been raining every other day. I did what I could, for you... yes... for you. I give you Ass-Tastic Part Deux!

Hey! Its an ass no?

I wanna play chess on that ass!

Bumped up ass!

Two for one ass!

What an ass on that ass!

Cannes Party ass! Sorry about the blur, it was dark in there!

The one cheek up ass...ahhh...so cute...

It was love at first ass!

A Jack...ASS!

The peek-under ass!

Beach bum ass!

My fav ass!

Another look at my fav ass!

What the...?

Ass brochette anyone? (click for very big version).

Now THAT'S and mean THAT's AN ASSSS!

Source: JoBlo.com



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