Can cancer be funny? Check the new 50/50 trailer to find out...

The answer to the question in that headline is, yes. At least according to 50/50, the upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Seth Rogen dramedy. What I am a little surprised about is how heavy they're pushing the laughs in the trailer. Yes, this is a Seth Rogen produced film from a writer of "Da Ali G Show" but let's get one thing straight: this is a cancer movie. And while there can be moments of humor, at the end of the day, all the characters in this film have to deal with the fact that Will, the lead character, has cancer and may very well die at the young age of 27.

I can't imagine that angle - cancer film! - would be super enticing to audiences, but it's also honest. I've seen the film and can talk about it (sort of) so I know how important it is to highlight the film's comedic elements but I also think they're doing themselves a disservice by not highlighting some of the other more dramatic aspects of the film. That's what makes 50/50 so good; the balancing act between making you laugh and forcing you to choke back the tears.

Watching this trailer, you should have no reservations that the film will be good for a few laughs. But you should also know that it's so much more than a movie "From the Guys Who Brought You SUPERBAD!" It's got a very good chance during awards season to make some hay and here's hoping it'll surprise as many people as it surprised me. Enough ranting - go watch the trailer...

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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