CAN: Looking for JCVD!

LOOKING FOR JCVD... - by John Fallon

For anybody that knows me well personally or through the site, its no secret that I am a huge Jean Claude Van Damme fan. I grew up on his films and unlike Steven Seagal (yes, I still worship his early stuff – but he lost me when he got fat and stopped doing his own fights) I never quit on Van Damme, I kept watching his films, even after they started going straight to DVD in North America.

Sometimes he still hits the bull's-eye within that field (In Hell - Wake of Death), some times they’re okay (The Shepard - Till Death) and sometimes they suck nuts (The Hard Corps - Second in Command) but I still and will always love the dude. 

Damn, I still remember when WAKE OF DEATH was gonna be shot in Montreal. I auditioned for a goon role, got a call back, got the role, got pumped cause I was gonna fight Van Damme and then... the production moved out of Montreal to shoot in another country, hence it didn't happen. Was it something I said...lol! That was my first brush with near Van Damme-ness.

Now Van Damme is in CANNES right now pushing JCVD (my review of the flick is coming up soon) and when I met a bud for drinks and he told me that his sister was interviewing Van Damme; I begged for him to get me in there. All I wanted was to shake the man’s hand, thank him for the inspiration he’s given me and I wanted a picture with him. Not too much to ask I thought.

I was supposed to be in that pic...grrrrr!

So my bud said okay, I gave him my cell phone number and he said he’d call me at 2PM to tell me where to meet him, but the call never came. I found that odd, then thought my phone had gone caput on me. But winds up that my cell phone company cut my line off cause I was over my long distance quota (didn't know I had one - was never told I had one). They just cut it off, like that, no warning nothing. WTF!

So I missed Van Damme cause ROGERS are a-holes (BTW when I called ROGERS to have my phone reconnected - I told them - YOU MADE ME MISS VAN DAMME - lol). To be honest, I actually took it pretty bad. I mean of all the times that this could’ve happened, it had to HAPPEN at Van Damme time. Man I was bummed! Like REALLY bummed!

The day after, my bud Deke flew in to back me up as to covering the Festival and we managed to get invites to a party Van Damme was throwing. So I had another shot! The moment we walked in the party; I looked around and right away I spotted Van Damme. 

But he was busy doing shit, telling his staff what to do and how to streamline the party. He even bumped into Deko while in a hurry. It was looking good! But it was not a good time to ask for a pic.

So Deko and I hit the bar, cruised the ladies (damn they were fine - DAMN!), had some gay dude that wouldn't quit hitting on us all up in there (it almost got ugly - step off man - we're straight, don't let the shaved head and muscles fool ya) and when we went to go look for Van Damme again, he was MIA (probably in the VIP room getting well deserved head).

So we then went to Mike Tyson’s party (yup saw the dude - nope no picture) and finished the night there. So today, I went to see JCVD, Van Damme’s playing Van Damme flick. I sat down, watched the film and enjoyed it. On my way out, who do I see getting up from his seat, surrounded by “buyers” who are applauding him for the film? F*cking Van Damme again!

It was great to see the dude once more, but nope, it was not really a good time to ask for a pic. So I booked out while the Muscles from Brussels continued glad handing. So here’s where I’m at, I’m gonna try and get a 1 on 1 with the man while hoping to bump into the dude again under more “fanboy” friendly circumstances.

With that said, I can't help but feel bitter about this one thing: if my cell phone provider (yes Rogers – f*ck you BTW!) hadn’t cut my line 1 hour before I was to meet Van Damme, this article wouldn’t exist. I would’ve met him and gotten a picture with him and all would be well in Graceland. But its not over till its over! To be continued!


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