Can you handle the comedy pairing of Larry David and Greg Mottola?

Greg Mottola directing on SUPERBAD

Oftentimes the best comedy comes from the unexpected, something Larry David is well familiar with as most of his work ("Curb Your Enthusiasm especially) is based around improvisation.  But another way in which the unexpected brings an entertaining twist on expectation is when two comedic talents come together despite them seemingly not having much in common, which brings us to Larry David's proposed team-up with writer/director Greg Mottola.   I wouldn't have said of my own accord that the two should work together, but now that I think about it more I'm convinced it's kind of genius.

The idea, currently unidsclosed at this time, was brought by David to his writing collaborators Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel ("Curb Your Enthusiasm," THE DICTATOR).  Because the script of the movie will be improv-based, the comedic quartet is currently working on hammering out the movie's general storyline while Greg Mottola goes through final negotiations with Fox Searchlight to direct.

While I'm distinctly not a fan of SUPERBAD, Greg Mottola's ADVENTURELAND quickly grew on me after a "meh" first viewing and so I'm very excited to see how his off-kilter comedic and timing sensibilities pair with David's louder and more unapologetically cutting wit. 

Larry David and a coffe cup

Extra Tidbit: There's a real Adventureland park, and Greg Mottola actually worked there once upon a time.



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