Candidate Worthington

I'm not quite sure if TERMINATOR SALVATION propelled Aussie actor Sam Worthington into the expected movie star stratosphere, but it's probably safe to assume he'll be around for a while. After all, he'll heroically hack through digital creatures in the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake, and he's the human star of James Cameron's low-budget drama AVATAR.

Now he's cast a vote for THE CANDIDATE, a remake of the 2008 Danish thriller (KANDIDATEN). The synopsis of the original: "Jonas Bechmann, a defense attorney, is a man of the system. Until the day he himself is accused of murder. Taking matters into his own hands, he throws himself into the hunt for a group of blackmailers who threaten to expose him as the killer. But nothing is what it appears to be, and the blackmail links back to his father's death under mysterious circumstances a year and a half earlier."

No director has been announced, but writer Beau Willimon (upcoming FARRAGUT NORTH) is working on the script. The movie is described in the vein of THE GAME, but hopefully won't also snap my suspension of disbelief like raw spaghetti the same way Fincher's film did.

Extra Tidbit: Worthington was one of many actors rumored to be "in the running" for James Bond before Craig got the tux and license to kill.
Source: THR



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