Cannes: The Pics!!

As most of you already know, due to The Arrow’s latest acting gig and JoBlo’s unfortunate health issues, I have been given the priceless opportunity and privilege to cover the Cannes Film Festival this year!  Although I hate to benefit or gain from others’ misfortunes, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t exhilarated to visit Cannes, screen some awesome films and be surrounded by glamour and beauty.

With my arrival in Cannes two nights ago, I was greeted with gorgeous weather and beautiful people. There is a relentless sense of excitement which continues to fill the air as festival attendants hustle to see films, sell distribution rights, gain recognition, score interviews and strain to catch a glimpse or photograph of the biggest stars in the film industry. I have already enjoyed parading the Croisette, spotting Frank Miller in the dark side streets and look forward to many more events and adventures this exotic city has to offer. Stay tuned for my coverage on upcoming film reviews, celebrity soirees and interviews while I celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.

Below are the first images from the infamous Croisette, which is sprinkled with tourists, media, rich people and plenty of cool movie-related billboards. Enjoy!

Yes, that's me

Source: JoBlo.com



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