Cannes Wrap-Up 1/2


My first time journey through the 12 days that were the 2004 edition of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL have ended with lots of cool stuff behind me, plenty of new movie reviews, tons of fun pictures and hopefully, some entertainment for you all. Below is a recap/wrap-up report of all my write-ups over the past two weeks (click on underlined bits to be taken to full reports), including the non-movie related crap via THE CANNES JOURNALS. I hope you enjoyed my coverage as much as I had a blast bringing it to you and please take a minute to let me know how you felt about it all in the FEEDBACK FORM below. Cheers!

Cannes #1
Introduction & pictures/comments from the Croisette

Cannes #2
More pictures/comments from the Croisette

Cannes #3
Bad Education (review) & Troy (review) & press conference pictures & my brush with Quentin Tarantino

Cannes #4
Shark Tale presentation: Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Jeffrey Katzenberg. Pictures, scene descriptions, my brush with Angelina and Katzenberg, publicity photos

Cannes #5
Films of interest: Casshern & The Birthday with pictures

Cannes #6
Fahrenheit 911 (review): Description of premiere with pictures from standing ovation, Michael Moore, Harvey Weinstein

Cannes #7
Shrek 2 (review) & Hotel (review)

Cannes #8
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (review) & Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (review)

Cannes #9
Old Boy (review) & The Motorcycle Diaries (review)

Cannes #10
Miscellaneous preview posters from Cannes

Cannes #11
Red carpet premiere/behind the scenes celebrity pictures

Cannes #12
The Machinist (review)

Cannes #13
House of Flying Daggers (review) & The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (review)

Cannes #14
Meeting Roger Ebert

Cannes #15
2046 (review) & De-Lovely (review)



The Cannes Journals #1
Pictures/comments from my arrival in France

The Cannes Journals #2
Pictures of hot European girls in bikinis & high heels on the Croisette

The Cannes Journals #3
Miscellaneous pictures/comments from my trip to France

The Cannes Journals #4
Miscellaneous pictures/comments from my trip to France

 What did you think of my Cannes coverage? What did you like the most/least? What would you like to see more/less of in the future?

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