Captain America sequel in the works because you liked the trailer

Yes, it's true, it probably would have been MORE surprising if it was announced that CAPTAIN AMERICA would be a standalone film, but thanks to positive reaction to the trailer from all of you, writers have been already hired for a sequel.

According to Latino Review, the duo of Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus have been re-hired to write the new treatment, though it's unclear how much Joss Whedon got involved with the script of the first movie.

No word on what time period the film will be in, as we know that the first one will end with Cap being frozen, so he can be revived in the present day for THE AVENGERS. You would have to imagine that as this film will surely come after that one, it would also be present day, but Cap'n has a few plotlines that could be explored in different time periods if they so choose.

Out of all the looks at superhero movies I've gotten over the last month or so, THOR, GREEN LANTERN and now FIRST CLASS, I still have to say I'm the most excited for CAPTAIN AMERICA, that is until we start seeing SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN, DARK KNIGHT RISES and THE WOLVERINE trailers.

Extra Tidbit: Now, who's up for an Avengers vs. X-Men film?
Source: Latino Review



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