Captain America's winged helmet makes an appearance at last in new shot

We've seen Chris Evans in various stages of the Captain America costume amidst different official and unofficial pictures, but now we have a look at what appears to be its final form, which finally includes the iconic winged helmet.

Well, as it turns out, the wings aren't so much wings as they are decals, but I think this was the way to go. Out of all the adapted superhero costumes we've seen on film in the last decade, I think this has to be one of my favorites, as they've made it practical enough to work onscreen, but stayed true to the character.

Check out the still below, which if from the new Entertainment Weekly (via ComicBookMovie). Do you agree with me, or is Thor's to-the-tee comic clone costume better? Or maybe Green Lantern's CGI ab suit?

Extra Tidbit: I think Nolan/Snyder's Superman is going to need a costume reboot along these lines. Routh just looked like he was wearing pajamas.
Source: EW



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