Captain Blood in space?

The title alone makes this idea sound epic! Warner Brothers has asked Michael and Peter Spierig to direct a "re-imagining" of the 1935 film CAPTAIN BLOOD. The original starred Errol Flynn as Peter Blood, a doctor who is wrongly sent to prison and then escapes to become a pirate.

John Brownlow has been hired to write the script for the scurvy screenplay that is to be now set in space. Yes, you heard correctly, pirates in space. Warner Brothers wants to suck as much as they can out of this pirates thing, and while their doing it put an interesting spin on it. The Spierig's won over the studio and producer Bill Gerber with an animated presentation of their ideas, "“At first, I felt like I was in that scene in `The Player,’ where Buck Henry pitches the sequel to `The Graduate. But when I took a look at their animatic depiction of a pirate battle in space, it had such a distinctive visual look to it that, that I said, `Great, I get it.’”

The plot will stay the same, except for the "minor" change in setting. When Blood escapes to become a pirate he allies with a French pirate, but that all changes when the two fight over the same fair pirate lady. Gerber really seems to get what's so hard for others to, “There are some things you don’t mess with, and that is as classic a movie storyline as you will ever find." Oh, and that whole space thing isn't a big deal.

If you are having a problem trying to place the Spierig brothers, I'll help you. They've got DAYBREAKERS coming out with two of the best actors ever, Willem Defoe and Mr. Jurassic Park himself, Sam Neill.

I missed you so much Sam Neill.

Extra Tidbit: Let's settle this now: Pirates or ninjas?
Source: Variety



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