Marvel announces Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck as directors of Captain Marvel!

With WONDER WOMAN just around the corner, all eyes are now on MCU's first solo female superhero CAPTAIN MARVEL. They've already cast Brie Larson in the role, but now they finally found their directors. Yes, plural. It seems the duo behind the Ryan Reynolds gambling movie MISSISSIPPI GRIND - Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck - are directing the feature. And apparently the casting process was grueling and in-depth.

I haven't seen MISSISSIPPI GRIND, but it looked decent. I am curious what made them stand out to Marvel, but then again who knew the guy behind ELF would be one of the main architects of the universe. My hope is the focus on character will be their main asset.

So what do you Schmoes think of this development? Yay or nay? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, Marvel's CAPTAIN MARVEL will marvel us in theaters March 8th, 2019. Marvel.

Extra Tidbit: Still they'd gone with Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel instead...
Source: Variety



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