Care for some new concept art of two Iron Man 3 suits in action?

Iron Man 3 656 title art

A piece of concept art for IRON MAN 3 is running around that reveals the costumes teased at both Comic-Con and in behind the scenes set shots - there's nothing movie breaking or spoilery here per se, though anyone who didn't dig Tony Stark's newest metallic duds the first time around sure isn't going to dig them any more now.  This art also arguable confirms that amalgamation of comic characters Iron Patriot and War Machine into a single character called... War Machine.  Or, at least, it does nothing to dispel the rumor running around that the gent in these set photos wasn't actor James Badge Dale in villain costume but rather Don Cheadle' stunt double. 

Hopefully we'll know something (more like "anything") soon, as just about all that we do know for sure is the release date of May 3rd, 2013.

Iron man 3 two suit concept art

Extra Tidbit: Guy Pearce vs Robert Downey Jr. in a fist fight. Who would win?



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