Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio take the spotlight in these two new posters for The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby bad header

Somehow I keep ending up as the one to be around when these posters become available, despite being the member of our writing team least enthused to see the film for which they advertise.


I'm sure if I remarked upon this while actually in the world of THE GREAT GATSBY, Daisy would in turn remark excitedly that it absolutely must be a sign and don't I just adore signs? But I don't live in that world, and despite certain fun and fascinating cultureral quirks to the Jazz Age I think it's undeniably for the best. That being said, I won't deny that the production design on display in the posters/trailer looks to be absolutely phenomenal - Luhrmann has always had (and/or surrounded himself with people who have) an impeccable and exciting eye for the visual side of things, for investing the world of his films with a complete life and character of it's own.  And THE GREAT GATSBY is, by all evidence, no exception.

As you're no doubt well familiar with now after a week's worth of posters and yesterday's trailer, THE GREAT GATSBY arrives in cinemas on May 10th.

The Greaty Gatsby - Daisy poster

The Greaty Gatsby - Gatsby poster

Extra Tidbit: Seeing the movie in 2D or 3D?
Source: Warner Bros.



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