Carey Mulligan now the frontrunner for the lead in Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby

In a bit of casting news that shouldn't really be a shocker to anyone, Vulture reports that Carey Mulligan is being considered for the role of Daisy in Baz Lurhmann's GREAT GATSBY adaptation. Mulligan has been a hot property as of late due to her recent Oscar nomination, and this would be a suitably big role for her opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

It's not a done deal yet, as Scarlett Johansson is still up for the part, a favorite of both Lurhmann and DiCaprio. But the problem is she just signed on to Cameron Crowe's WE BOUGHT A ZOO, which overlaps with GATSBY, so in her absence, Mulligan is the heavy favorite having just tested last week.

I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to say that Mulligan, even in her limited roles, has better acting chops than Ms. Johansson, who for all her charms and ample cup size has failed to make much of an impression since LOST IN TRANSLATION all those years ago. Granted, that's just my opinion, but I just think Mulligan would probably do a better job of it opposite Leo, even if she is British. Do you?

Extra Tidbit: I'm shocked that no high school or college English course every made me read this.
Source: Vulture



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