Carlin is Affleck's Dad

George Carlin was doing a bit of press to promote his current stand-up tour and spoke about his role in Kevin Smith's upcoming film JERSEY GIRL.  He talked at first about how the film has comedic elements but is largely a drama and that since he is role is a rather large one, he's been practicing hard.  When asked about more specifics of his role, he said he'd be playing Ben Affleck's father in the film, who helps his son raise his new baby girl.  The finer points of the JERSEY GIRL plot are being kept underwraps and all that is known is that the film will follow the two young parents of a baby girl (she's the JERSEY GIRL).  So far, only Affleck and Carlin are set to star, with Smith saying he'll cast an unknown in the female lead.  You can also expect to see Jason Mewes in the film, but don't expect to see either Jay or Silent Bob.

George Carlin

Source: News Askew
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