Carrey back to comedy

Jim Carrey hasn't done a straight up comedy since 2003's BRUCE ALMIGHTY (no, I'm not counting FUN WITH DICK AND JANE primarily because it wasn't funny in the slightest) but he's returning to form with the upcoming Fox comedy ME TIME. In the film Carrey will star as a writer working at home on a novel about a frontier woman. When his pregnant wife is given doctor-ordered bed rest, he is forced to care for the house and their other child. He's thrown into a tizzy with all the Old West research he's doing about plowing the fields, etc. I gotta say I'm a little confused about the plot but basically picture Jim Carrey starring in a remake of MR. MOM except with only one kid and no Teri Garr (presumably). Carrey has had a hard time getting his next project going with USED GUYS, RIPLEY'S BELIEVE OR NOT and A LITTLE GAME all falling apart during pre-production (RIPLEY'S has since been revived and the script is being rewritten). While it's promising to see Carrey back looking at comedies, ME TIME probably wouldn't get going until later this year (the script is being "Carreyized"), which leaves the question of what to do until then?

Extra Tidbit: MR. MOM was written by John Hughes of BREAKFAST CLUB and FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF fame.
Source: Variety



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