Carrey says yes to Yes

After deliberating for months and considering a wide variety of projects, Jim Carrey has finally settled on his next film. The actor has officially signed with Warner Bros. to star in the comedy YES MAN for director Peyton Reed (THE BREAK-UP). In the film Carrey will star as a guy dissatisfied with his life who decides to say "yes" to everything. The film is based on Danny Wallace's memoirs of the same name. Carrey will begin work on YES this October and will then segue to Robert Zemeckis' A CHRISTMAS CAROL in early 2008. Carrey is still hoping to fit in one more project before the proposed June writers' strike. It's looking more and more like the big-budget adventure pic RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT won't be getting made any time soon. It doesn't appear to be on Carrey's shortlist to get made next year and Tim Burton has already left the project. Carrey can next be seen, or rather heard, in the Fox adaptation of HORTON HEARS A WHO (see the trailer attached to THE SIMPSONS this weekend).

Extra Tidbit: Sorry to all the fans of Yes - this isn't a biopic on your favorite prog-rock band.
Source: Variety



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