Carrie-Anne Moss resurfaces, unfortunately starring in Bye Bye Man trailer

It's been a while since we've seen Carrie-Anne Moss in any big movies. Her last major role was on the Netflix show JESSICA JONES, which I thought she was good in. I'm a fan of Moss, so I'm rooting for her. I thought she was great in THE MATRIX (natch) but also in things like MEMENTO and CHOCOLAT. I don't think she's ever given a truly bad performance, but she's been in some bad, bad movies (*cough* SILENT HILL: REVELATION *cough*). 

This brings us to the new horror film BYE BYE MAN. Will this be a winner or another loser? Let's find out!

Oof. Oof. That...that wasn't very good. Did you see that pink CG dog-thing? It looked like Scrappy Doo at the end of the first SCOOBY-DOO movie. And while this is an original creation, it definitely seems to be influenced by internet Creepy Pasta Urban Legends like Slender Man (heavily influenced). There's also a bit of a Freddy Krueger-vibe, if Freddy Krueger were some homeless dude with a f*cked up dog. 

Now, if all you're looking for is cheap thrills and jump scares, this will probably fit the bill. I can enjoy a cheesy horror film every now and then, so if this trailer floats your boat, go on sailing. As for me, I'll probably wait for it to stream on Netflix to distract me from my deep, crippling existential despair before I'll watch it, if I ever do. 

BYE BYE MAN will be releaed in theaters December 9, 2016. Just in time for the holidays. 

Extra Tidbit: Carrie-Anne Moss starred in a TV show called MATRIX in 1993 before being cast in the role of Trinity on the film THE MATRIX (1999).
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