Carrie Fisher says she wants to get Princess Leia "right" in Episode VII

While making a guest appearance at the Hay Festival in Wales over the weekend, Carrie Fisher made a few comments about her reunion with her STAR WARS co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, and how she wants to get Princess Leia "right" in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

Carrie Fisher says she's excited she'll be working with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill again in a STAR WARS movie, and says the original cast members (herself included) are definitely showing their age.

"We all look a little melted. It's good to see other melted people, And it is good to have us all in a room because it's unique. I mean, I don't suppose they have reunions for the Gone With The Wind gang."

Fisher goes on to say Princess Leia will be a little less British in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

"We are doing it over again so I can get Princess Leia right this time. I think less British. I looked a little pretentious faking the accent. It was sort of a viral accent – it came and went. I would rather have played Han Solo. When I first read the script I thought that's the part to be, always wry and sardonic. He's always that. I feel like a lot of the time Leia's either worried or pissed or, thank God, sort of snarky. But I'm much more worried and pissed than Han Solo ever was, and those aren't fun things to play."

The actress also says she considers strangling Jabba the Hutt in RETURN OF THE JEDI to be her best moment.

"I had a lot of fun killing Jabba the Hutt. They asked me on the day if I wanted to have a stunt double kill Jabba. No! That's the best time I ever had as an actor. And the only reason to go into acting is if you can kill a giant monster."

Carrie Fisher couldn't reveal any details on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII ("I would get in trouble no matter how I answer that question"), but does say she's a little worried about how her hair will be styled in the new film.

"That hairdo can never really be repeated without gales of laughter. I've begged them to put the hair back on in grey and just catch me cooking with the hair, like Granny Leia."

One audience member wanted to know if Carrie Fisher still had the famous gold bikini. Her response?

"Why would I keep a stupid outfit like that, so that years later I could say to you I have it? No, I wear it on special occasions. I've got it on underneath this. I wear it always, for luck."

Sorry there aren't any actual story details on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, but it's not like Carrie Fisher was going to spill her guts about everything that's going on with the new movie. It's probably going to be a while before confirmed plot details are released for the upcoming film, but right now I'm just enjoying the fact STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is actually happening with most of the original cast returning.

J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS: EPISODE VII will be in theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: The Guardian



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