Cary Fukunaga to direct WWII action thriller Noble Assassin for Dreamworks

After the brilliant conclusion of TRUE DETECTIVE's rookie season, everyone has wanted Cary Fukunaga for their next project. The director helmed every episode of the critically acclaimed HBO series and already has an adaptation of Stephen King's IT in development, but now we know what his next project is going to be. Deadline reports that Fukunaga will helm the film NOBLE ASSASSIN from screenwriter Scott Silver (8 MILE, THE FIGHTER).

While it sounds like it could be a samurai period piece, NOBLE ASSASSIN is actually based on an upcoming novel inspired by the true story of Robert de la Rochefoucauld:

Pic tells the war-time story of French aristocrat-turned-anti-Nazi-saboteur Rochefoucauld, who joined the British Special Operations Executive and was trained in every manner of dark arts before being sent back to France to help organize the resistance, blowing up train stations and munitions factories. In the process, he was caught, endured months of torture and escaped his own execution.

That sounds pretty damn awesome. The story of Rochefoucauld has never been adapted for a movie as far as I can tell despite sounding like a brilliant cinematic tale. There is no word on when the film is expected to shoot or if any actors are in mind for the lead, but I think we can expect that Cary Fukunaga is going to give us a beautifully composed film with some thrilling sequences.

Extra Tidbit: Here's hoping we get another masterpiece of a long take from Fukunaga!
Source: Deadline



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