Casey is the Kind One

Casey Affleck is attached to star in the upcoming Ridley Scott film THE KIND ONE. The film is not a documentary about how Casey is the nicer of the two Afflecks but rather a "noir drama" about an amnesiac who finds himself working for a mobster, only to fall in love with his girlfriend. Looks like that guy was wearing two pairs of Bad Idea Jeans that day. Sadly his role in KIND ONE doesn't appear to be one that will require him to smile further extended my theory that Casey Affleck Never Smiles. Tom Epperson, who wrote the novel on which the film will be based, will write the script for Warner Bros. Affleck is coming off his Academy Award nominated turn in THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES. As it's shaping up, KIND ONE could be the next film for both Affleck and Scott who both have not yet committed to their next projects. Scott has BODY OF LIES with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe due out this fall.

Extra Tidbit: Casey Affleck is married and has two kids with actress Summer Phoenix.
Source: Variety



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