Casino Royale's Martin Campbell says Quantum of Solace was a mess

It's rare to see a director openly bash a film, but when it does happen, it's generally entertaining. Martin Campbell won over the skeptical with his great Bond reboot, CASINO ROYALE, but is now, three years later, unleashing some harsh words about the follow-up film, QUANTUM OF SOLACE.

"Oh, I thought it was lousy,” Campbell told CraveOnline. “And hopefully this next one will be terrific. Sam Mendes is directing it and I’m sure it’ll be terrific.”

“I just thought the story was pretty uninteresting. I didn’t think the action was related to the characters. I just thought overall it was a bit of a mess really.”

Honestly, most of these criticisms are probably justified, but did I mention this is the Martin Campbell who just directed the critically lambasted GREEN LANTERN? You know what they say about those who live in glass houses...

It's unclear if GREEN LANTERN will turn out to be as big of a box office disaster as it was a critical one, but early indications say that could be the case for the film with a $300M production and marketing budget. It's currently sitting at $70M worldwide, and with a new blockbuster out practically every few days this summer (CARS 2 premieres this week), it's going to see huge dropoffs.

In short, Campbell has bigger things to worry about than a three year old movie.

Extra Tidbit: Is SOLACE better than LANTERN at least?
Source: Crave



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