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Alright, that's it, I give up. I can't put off this column any longer. With Joe Johnston's CAPTAIN AMERICA movie meant to be released a few months after THOR, I can't help but think that any day now, there's going to be some sort of earth-shattering casting announcement for the film, and I’m going to miss my chance to write this column at all.

With THOR having everyone down the background extras cast already, I have to wonder what the hell is taking so long for them to announced ANYTHING on the Captain front. When fan favorite Jeremy Renner went into the Marvel offices the other day, he was there to talk about HAWKEYE? Are you kidding me? Alright, well I’m tired of waiting, it’s time to start figuring out just who our CAPTAIN AMERICA should be.

What are we looking for? It’s not particularly difficult to describe. Someone large and athletic, blonde or someone that would look good AS a blonde, and someone with the ability to play a boy scout type character rather well. Oh wait, they’re not going to try to go all “dark” with the Captain’s origin story are they? I mean, I know he got assassinated recently, but it’s a long ways off before we actually get a Civil War movie.

I have a few choices in mind, and I do NOT think it should be some super A-lister like Pitt or DiCaprio (though I doubt they’d do it anyway), but I’m curious to see what you guys think. I’ve heard shouts of suggestions in previous posts I’ve written, but it’ll be nice to get them all in one place. But first...


Alright, it’s really two weeks ago, because of Thanksgiving, but you get the idea. It was the height of "Call of Duty" week, and we were taking a look at who would possibly play team leader Captain Price in a Modern Warfare film adaptation that is most definitely coming at some point. Here’s what you came up with.

1. Liam Neeson (14%) 2. Daniel Day Lewis (12%) 3. Gary Oldman (8%)

Clearly the main criteria was “the ability to grow awesome facial hair,” but that aside, I think these are pretty excellent choices. I love Neeson for this, as he’s proven he can kick ass and shoot heads in TAKEN, and his involvement in something as ludicrous as THE A-TEAM implies he might be open for something like this.

Day Lewis would also be awesome here, but I think you’d have a hard time getting him to sign up for duty. Gary Oldman is a great backup in case Liam Neeson isn’t around. Trim that hair though. I still say Kevin McKidd would be a great Soap MacTavish, and I can see him making a good team with any of these guys.

OK, I know you’ve been dying to let loose on CapAm suggestions for a while now, so let’s hear them!

Extra Tidbit: Part of me just thinks the Captain's intro movie should just be the Avengers movie. I don't know if he's interesting enough to carry a solo feature.
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