Cast This: Commander Shepard of Mass Effect

The new sci-fi videogame MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA is about to be released to consume the majority of my available time, much like the MASS EFFECT trilogy that preceded it.

A movie based on the original space epic series has struggled to become a reality. An adaptation was announced way back in 2010 but the project remains languishing in development hell, undoubtedly in part because of the density of the source material.

With luck, the excitement of a new game will prompt some fresh Hollywood activity with the property (preferably a big-budget TV series), but either way the release of MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA presents a perfect opportunity to toss around ideas for an actor who could play the first trilogy's central heroic role of Commander Shepard.

MASS EFFECT is set in the year 2183, after mankind has discovered an ancient device called a Mass Relay that allows for nearly instantaneous space travel to similar structures spread around the Milky Way galaxy. This brings humanity into contact with various intelligent alien lifeforms such as the militaristic turians, the blue-skinned female asari, the warlike krogan, the scientific amphibious salarians, and the nomadic bio-suited quarians (among others).

During a mission, decorated Alliance war hero Commander Shepard inadvertently deciphers a message regarding the Reapers, massive biomechanical creatures that emerge from dark space every 50,000 years to harvest all sufficiently advanced civilizations of that cycle. It falls on Shepard's shoulders to convince the other species of this looming threat.

That's all in addition to dealing with a "humanity first" splinter group called Cerberus (led by the enigmatic Illusive Man, played by Martin Sheen), facing an army of rogue sentient A.I. called the geth, and investigating the abduction of human colonists by hostile aliens known as the collectors. It's a lot of responsibility for one human, with nothing less than the fate of the entire galaxy at stake.

One of the appealing aspects of the MASS EFFECT game series is the player's ability to alter Shepard's appearance and gender to their preference. So technically anyone could fit the role in a movie (or show), but for the sake of simplicity let's try to cast the lead character based on the default depiction of both the male (BroShep) and female (FemShep) versions.

Let us know below who you think would kick ass in the male and female role of Commander Shepard!

There are a few guys such as Chris Evans or Wentworth Miller who seem like a good fit for the standard male Shepard, but the N7 armor could also be worn well by someone like Luke Evans, Jesse Williams (CABIN IN THE WOODS) or DEADPOOL villain Ed Skrein.

For a female Commander Shepard, Emily Blunt would be an obvious choice after seeing her tear through alien invaders in EDGE OF TOMORROW. "Doctor Who" and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY actress Karen Gillan knows her way around outer space, and Evangeline Lilly also seems like she could handle the monumental task of saving the galaxy.

As for the previous Cast This column, the top suggestions to play the role of NIGHTWING were:

1. Taron Egerton  2. Sam Claflin  3. Tyler Hoechlin

Source: JoBlo.com



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