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This week we learned that Harry Potter director David Yates would be adapting another popular British icon for the big screen, Doctor Who. The series has been a pop culture staple in the UK for decades, and a recent reboot of the show has been incredibly popular for the last five or so years.

Also with this announcement comes that the film will NOT be drawing from the TV show in terms of cast, meaning it's a total reboot and current Doctor Matt Smith will not have the part. So this begs the question, who will be the twelfth DOCTOR WHO?

One of the Doctor's powers is to change his appearance at will, and so recasting him isn't too much of a stretch. At least I thought that until I started hearing from fans that they were outraged that Matt Smith was out, and they don't want him to be anyone new. For a show that recasts its lead every few years, I didn't think this would be the end of the world, but public outrage seems to indicate otherwise.

But I do want to see if we can get an answer out of fans here. If you could NOT pick any of the old Doctors to play the part, which British actor would you like to see as the time traveling alien? As the Doctor can be any age, there's a huge range to choose from. Any Hollywood types suit your fancy? Let me know who you would pick, again who has NOT BEEN A DOCTOR already. But I bet most of you don't even read the text in these posts. Lobster. Foot Fungus. Naked Billie Piper. That one got your attention at least.


It's been a little while since our last column, but back then we were wondering who might best play John McClane's son in the upcoming Die Hard movie. Your selections were as follows:

1. Aaron Paul (20%) 2. Jensen Ackles (18%) 3. Ben Foster (11%)

Gotta say, love Aaron Paul, and rumor has it, he's actually being considered for the part .He's fantastic in Breaking Bad, and he would steal the show here. Think he would work without his "thug" accent though, yo?

I don't get you guys and Jensen Ackles, I really don't. Like he's a good looking dude and Supernatural is OK, but he gets suggested for like literally every male role we try to cast in these columns, and I don't understand it.

Ben Foster is awesome when he's not being an X-Man, so I'm all for him.

Now, what about Doctor Who?

Extra Tidbit: I'm in season two of Doctor Who right now. Yes, yes, I know I need to get to "Blink."
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