Cast This: Judge Dredd

Last week we learned that a JUDGE DREDD remake is more than likely going ahead with producer Danny Boyle and his screenwriting chum Alex Garland, implying that it might actually have the potential to be a pretty decent film. There's no director attached yet, but more importantly than that, we need a star.

That’s why in this week's edition of Cast This, we’re looking for the right man to dispense futuristic justice by donning the helmet of JUDGE DREDD.

The original JUDGE DREDD is one ridiculous ass film, thanks in large part to Stallone and his performance as Dredd. The problem I see with trying to recast this, is they don’t really make action stars like Stallone any more. It’s hard to think of anyone who has the build, the voice and the all-around persona. But as this project is a “reboot,” it’s probably OK if this time around Dredd is “updated” to be significantly less of an ‘90s relic.

So you’ll get no help from me this week, I want to hear who YOU think should play Dredd 2.0. Leave your suggestions in the comments, and next week we’ll go over the results. And speaking of…


In our first installment of Cast This, we asked you to pick who would best fill the curb-stomping boots of intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo, in the recently announced film. Well, the votes are in, and out of everyone, these three actors stood above the rest.

1. Kevin Durand (15%) 2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (11%) 3. Danny Trejo (9%)

A very interesting result, considering Durand has always been a supporting man, and has never headlined a major film. Could Lobo finally be his big breakthrough role?

Alright, now let’s hear those Dredd suggestions!

Extra Tidbit: Man, I hope they find a way for Rob Schneider to come back.
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