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Learning a lesson from last week’s sort of destroyed Cast This column, today we're going to go with a character that is NOT likely to actually be cast within this next week. We're heading to outer space, all the way to the far-off STAR TREK sequel. This week we heard J.J. Abrams talk a little bit about his plans for the sequel, and who he’s considering for the role of the villain in the next film.

Well as fans of the series know, there is one choice that as of now, stands out above all the others. His movie was perhaps the greatest of all the TREK films, he’s the man, the myth, the legend, he’s KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Now, it’s understandably hard to picture anyone but Ricardo Montalban playing the superhuman space villain, who in WRATH OF KHAN sported the most cleavage ever seen in outer space, by a male OR female. I have a hunch that J.J. Abrams is going to want to tone down the look of Khan into something more understated, but I suppose it’s possible the flowing grey locks and the open chest could make a comeback if he’s feeling frisky.

So who are we looking for? I think that Khan has to be someone older. Just because the crew is young, doesn’t mean Khan has to be also. I don’t think we need Channing Tatum showing up with his pecs busting out of his robe just because we’re supposed to be a little ways in the past here. I’m thinking someone older, yet still pretty buff and ready to kick ass on a moment’s notice.

Last Week: MAD MAX

As I mentioned earlier, last week’s Cast This column was rendered rather pointless when it was announced that Tom Hardy had officially been announced as taking on the role of Max in the new film. However, with these results, it goes to show that you guys have good taste in casting. Observe.

1. Tom Hardy (21%) 1. Mel Gibson (21%) 2. Sam Worthington (18%)

See? You guys picked Hardy anyways, good work. More interesting to note though is that he tied with Mel Gibson, who many of you thought is still enough of a badass to reprise his role from the original trilogy. Kind of like Harrison Ford returning to play Indy, albeit with less CGI gophers and monkeys. I think either way would work, and hopefully Gibson is able to make some sort of cameo with Hardy in the new film.

Alright, I’m going to be very upset if J.J. Abrams manages to cast Khan within the next seven days, but I don’t feel that’s incredibly likely at this point. Shout out your suggestions below. And I do mean shout. KHAAAA….you get it.

Extra Tidbit: I'm wondering if we can go one week without anyone suggesting Gerard Butler for something. I'm pretty sure someone even wanted him as Veronica.
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