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Now that LOBO has found a director in Guy Ritchie, there's really only one other piece of news concerning this project that matters. Well, two pieces if you count whether or not Warners sticks to their PG-13 claim.

Yes, the casting of Lobo himself will likely make or break this project, as a director can only do so much. It's a large role to fill, literally, with the bulging blue (white?) anti-hero outmuscling most of Hollywood, but the actor needs a sick sense of humor and the capacity to go over the edge as well. So who do you think fits the bill best? Shout out your suggestions and I'll post the best serious ones up here for a visual comparison. Let's hear 'em!

Your suggestions so far:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - After his turn as the similarly dispositioned Comedian in WATCHMEN, I would say he is without a doubt the frontrunner. He'd probably need to bulk up a bit more though.

Mickey Rourke - Another logical choice, he's got the hair and the build, but he's getting up there in age at this point.

Javier Bardem - The look could work, but I don't think he could muster up the swagger and over-the-top personality needed.

Kevin Durand - I could actually really see this working, though I don't know if the studio would gamble on him as the star.

Tom Hardy - Certainly knows how to bulk up, but otherwise I'm not sure if he has the look.

Gerard Butler - A definite possibility if he can tame that accent of his once and for all.

Ron Perlman - The man knows how to don heavy makeup and kick ass, but he's reportedly fatigued from being Hellboy, do you think he'd want to jump into Lobo?

Danny Trejo - He's got the hair, the blade-wielding ability and the badass factor times ten. He's a bit on the small side, though I suspect that could be fixed via some clever camera work on Ritchie's part.

Any of these look good to you, or do you have your own ideas?

Extra Tidbit: No, Rob Zombie does not count as a serious suggestion.
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