CAST THIS: Point Break

I must begin this column with the requisite paragraph expressing my disappointment in Hollywood for continuing to fail in crafting original ideas. Film after film is being remade because an idea and story and brand is already in place, and POINT BREAK is the latest victim of that philosophy.

But the facts are the facts, and this movie is coming whether we want it or not. The best we can do is try to make sure the two actors cast in the lead roles are capable, and perhaps if they do a good enough job, this thing just might be watchable. So who should be JOHNNY UTAH and BODHI?

Rumor has it the surfer angle will be kept (good lord I hope so), so the actors chosen to fill that role should be able to pull off that vibe. I can theoretically see someone like Joseph Gordon-Levitt stepping into the Keanu role, but Swayze? That's way harder to pull off.

There are a number of talented actors out there who could suit up for the part, but are there that many willing to risk associating themselves with an unwanted reboot? I'm not so sure. In that case, the studio might be thinking to look for a few up and comers looking for a breakout part. Any idea who might be someone just starting out who could use a starring and iconic role?

Last Time: DEUS EX

Last Cast This I asked you who would best play Adam Jensen if a Deus Ex movie ever hit screens. There's not one announced yet, but if there was, who would be best suited for the part?

1. Timothy Olyphant (18%) 2. Ethan Hawke (14%) 3. Robert Downey Jr. (8%)

All good picks, and it would be interesting to see if Downey Jr. could take on this sort of role which is for the most part humorous. I think Olyphant is the best choice here, as his voice is just absolutely dead on with Jensen's. Alright, how about the POINT BREAK duo?

Extra Tidbit: Favorite scene from POINT BREAK?
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