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With the news that Gary Ross is rewriting and likely directing the upcoming VENOM spin-off movie, it's time to start thinking about casting the man behind the pile of black goo. All signs point to Topher Grace being out of the picture, which will please the legions of Spider-man fans who wondered why it was necessary to cast the world’s greatest Tobey Maguire look-a-like as the villain in the third movie.

Now either the franchise will completely reinvent the character of Eddie Brock, or will choose to pick a new host for the symbiote entirely. Brock actually has a pretty great character arc in the comics, so it would be a shame to let that go to waste, but who knows how VENOM will play out.

We may think of Venom as a mindless, power hungry monster, but he’s actually a lot more complex than that, and in the proposed VENOM movie, the actor will likely get a lot of face time, as when his costume recedes, he’s not all marred and disfigured like say, Spawn.

So the way I see this week’s casting call is to either pick someone you think would make a good Eddie Brock, both physically and psychologically, or if you think the Brock well was sucked dry by Topher Grace, suggest an actor to play a new character who gets turned into a snarling black mess by an alien goo blob.

But enough murderous outer space parasites, on to something a bit more lighthearted…


A week ago, we had our first ever female AND first ever double feature edition of Cast This, where we asked who would play Betty and Veronica in the sure-to-be-forthcoming ARCHIE movie. Well, voting tabulation was slightly more difficult this time, as it wasn’t always clear who was being suggested for which part, but I think I’ve sorted it out pretty well.


1. Kristen Bell (13%) 2. Scarlett Johansson (10%) 3. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (7%)


1. Mila Kunis (17%) 2. Megan Fox (13%) 2. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (10%)

No, I did not f*ck that up. Mary Elizabeth Winstead actually ended up placing for both parts, even though I couldn’t find one picture of her with blonde hair, and I can’t remember seeing her in any movie besides DEATH PROOF, but hey, more power to her for making an impression on you guys.

I think Megan Fox vs. Scarlett Johansson would be lame, and each would phone in their roles thinking they’re above such a lowly project like ARCHIE. Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis on the other hand? Pitch perfect. I think they’d have a lot of fun with it, and yes, it’s amusing that they were already rivals in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, yet were voted to the #1 spots here of their own accord.

Alright, but enough sugar and spice, time to start thinking of anti-hero contenders for VENOM. Let’s hear them!

Extra Tidbit: I actually would have said Thomas Haden Church buuuut...
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