Cast This: Who should direct Star Trek 3?

It's time to boldly go where no man has gone before...

Well one man has gone there, and that man is J.J. Abrams. Unfortunately the director decided that the third outing of the sci-fi franchise wouldn't work out for him. He's kinda busy with that whole STAR WARS: EPISODE VII thing. The director assured all the fans out there that the next film would be in very capable hands. Who else has those capable hands?

I know quite a few of you were a little letdown by STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. There were some comments made about how it lacked the amount of substance the first had, there were issues about pacing, remarks made about sexism, the whole villain debacle, and the list sort of continues to go on. The fresh perspective could do great things for the next movie but there's more to making it work than just finding a solid director. Abrams said that he would help craft the story but where do we go from here?

I'm just going to throw a few idea out there as far as some names that I'm think of at this moment: Alfonso Cuaron, Rian Johnson, and Duncan Jones. Again, those are just some directors to get things started. I think that after LOOPER, Johnson can certainly handle something like this. Cuaron is showing that he's got a niche for the glory that is space with what we've seen so far with GRAVITY. But who can handle all this action? Maybe Duncan Jones. It will be interesting to see who comes on to direct the cast and try their best to keep some bit of secrecy when it comes to this franchise. Now get to it and pick a director for STAR TREK 3!


1. Kelly Brook 2. Kate Beckinsale 3. Gemma Arterton

This was too easy. Kelly Brook basically took all the votes. She deserved them though. You guys basically determined it was destiny and deemed her casting to be so. Kate Beckinsale and Gemma Arterton couldn't compete. So can someone call Kelly and tell her to go after this part?

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